December 5, 2012

Still obsessed

Still on a sewing/stitchin' kick!  To be honest, I did take a little break.  Because I could not get the machine to work, and I was getting the teensiest bit frustrated with it.  After a little sabbatical, I went in with a cool head and figured out the problem fairly quickly- and sewed these and a few other cards in one sitting.

Oh and as you can see, I am still loving the washi/decorative tape too.  If I received an envelope sealed with these colorful tapes, I would be smiling in anticipation.  It's the little things that count sometimes.

p.s. We decorated paper stockings at work today.  I am so used to incorporating stitching into my projects lately that I was tempted to bring my stocking home to add a little special touch.  Don't worry, I didn't succumb.  I made do with what I had there.