August 31, 2012

For "the Mama"

It can be so nice sometimes to take a break from the computer, and that's why I enjoy making cards with more textural elements, such as layering paper and sewing  (see previous post).

In progress:

Voila!  Birthday card for MIL that matches zebra pattern bracelet and tissue paper.

August 20, 2012

Baby shower fun

A co-worker is due in October, and a couple of ladies organized a surprise shower.  I was in charge of e-mail invitation and the actual card we gave her at the shower.  

We usually come up with personalized cards for birthdays at work, so we don't have to buy generic cards, and I'm in charge of executing.  I found the bottle, binky and toy on a free vector site, and constructed the rest pretty quickly.  

Have you noticed I am getting good use out of my craft sewing machine?  I just cut a 12x12 cardstock in half and then folded it again, and it fit into a 6x6 envelope I already had on hand.  The square scrapbook papers were a cinch to sew on, and they are reminiscent of a baby quilt or baby blocks (one of the organizers made a cake that looked like blocks).

August 5, 2012

A week in South Lake Tahoe- it was beautiful!  The vacation was also a family reunion for my mom's side of the family, and I tried to stay on top of "documenting."  I made it a point to take portraits and candid shots...but in a place like Tahoe I of course also enjoyed the beauty of nature.

This was one of my favorite shots.  The family rented a pontoon boat one day and we had lunch at Emerald Bay.  We had time for a little jaunt, and I was entranced by textures, shapes and colors of the trunk.