December 21, 2011

Okay I just have to sneak this in

Can I just tell you that I've missed blogging. I miss it when I bring up the tab in Firefox and I see the date...and I automatically calculate how many days have passed since the last post.

I'm terribly behind in reading my favorite blogs too. I guess that's okay. Who needs to read to be inspired? Seeing Christmas decor/gift ideas make me excited and longing for more time. But I need to start writing down project ideas- so maybe I can work on more handmade gifts for next Christmas, right? Right.

Soon I will have pictures to post and projects to write about. But for now I will continue to move forward and kick these deadlines in the bum.

December 9, 2011

Ready for real life again

Good-bye 2.5 days of my life. I had my wisdom teeth removed on Wednesday morning, and so my waking hours have been very limited. It's the oddest feeling lying in bed- not having to worry about work, not working on the house, not having the energy to even sit at the computer (until now).

The above is a fairly accurate representation of my last three days. I say "representation" because of course I didn't spring for the name brand chocolate fudge pudding.

My aunt graciously drove into town to take me to my appointment and make stops after the surgery for something cold to eat/drink, my prescription, and frozen peas for my puffy chipmunk cheeks. We caught the holiday movie on the Hallmark channel (I may or may not have stayed awake during the whole thing).

Ben had yesterday afternoon and this afternoon off, so he constantly switched out my frozen peas, made sure I stayed on top of the pain, and reminded me to drink more water. Oh and he even watched part of an old movie with me (he didn't even try to change the channel while I dozed off!).

December 5, 2011


Remember how much I love simplicity? Especially, for example, when making birthday cards for kids. They aren't going to be impressed. The parents aren't going to keep them. Why not just make a tag but add a little something fun? Washi tape!

It's all the rage on the blogs I follow for DIY (do it yourself) bridal and baby showers. I finally ordered something similar through and this is my first application. Maybe I'll try something more adventurous next time. For this tag, simple is good.

December 4, 2011

Welcome to the Wedding Weekend

I have to admit this is one project that almost got the best of me. After a smooth start, I encountered a couple of tension issues (ones that I could now solve much quicker, after much more experience with this little craft sewing machine!), plus a few logistical problems that slowed me down. Yes, there was some cursing. I had my doubts I could complete it without throwing the machine and/or the project against a wall.

But I just kept going, "30 Rock" on in the background and coffee by my side. The banner is not perfect, but I was so proud to see it finished, considering my little experience with machine sewing. I love the imperfections and the texture of the thread binding the different fabric letters with the canvas. I love the ribbon ties that I added and reinforced the very last minute before heading out the door for the wedding weekend. Oh, and, yes, I love the reaction I got from the Bride, who had no idea what it would look like.

December 1, 2011

Totally worth it

Most of the time I do not get to see a client receive the final project. Typically photography clients receive a disc in the mail. Brochures, postcards, etc. for design clients are generally delivered via the mail as well.

In this instance, however, I was able to see the Bride's initial reaction to one of my projects. (No, this is not staged! Love it!) I'll post what she's looking at next time.