May 31, 2011


About a week ago, we were back on the Midland campus for my sister-in-law's graduation weekend. Ben and I took a little stroll between Baccalaureate and Graduation to re-visit the Cross at the Center, Musbach (the art gallery and ceramics studio) and I had to stop by the little room I used to oil paint in.

The second easel from the right is where I sat for a few semesters. That station is where I discovered not only how oils worked, but how I loved working with oils. This medium clicked for me more than any other media before. I also worked at that station when I painted mini-canvases as centerpieces for my wedding reception.

This station is where I finished my pieces for my senior art show. Just to the right of easel was a radio, and I always changed the settings to the oldies station. I can't count how many nights I sang along, out loud, lost in the music and paint- until I heard a little noise and realized that other people could hear me too.

Along with my drawing/crafts desk, I purchased an easel for a great price. While I might long for the solid, wooden easels splattered in paint at first, I am excited for new memories and new discoveries.

May 26, 2011

Is anyone going to clean that up?

May 7, 2011


Does this not scream "Barbie Spring Fashion"? I found this set at a David's Bridal visit. While the bride-to-be shimmied into a dress, I tried the shoes on for size. They looked perfect with my dark skinny jeans, and I felt like a Barbie fashion model.

It was fun while it lasted.

May 5, 2011


I thought maybe I should do a slew of everyday items for a photo series- "items around the house."

What? You don't have teeth sitting around?

May 4, 2011


These are blossoms right by our driveway...lovely!

May 2, 2011

What husbands are for

Typically Ben is studying or fixing me fabulous food so I don't have to cook. That means that I get to work on fun stuff around the house, or for the benefit of the both of us, like our taxes. One night, he took a break from studying to assemble my new drawing/craft table:

purchased at Michael's- on sale for about half-off

And he toiled for hours while I worked on taxes. I told him it was a fair trade-off, though secretly I was especially grateful I didn't have to put the desk together.

Only a few changes would make this picture better:

1) if I had vacuumed first

2) the ink pad weren't on the floor

3) I was sitting at the desk, working

May 1, 2011


After our coffee and cake, I hitched a ride with R to the Conservatory. She was teaching lessons, and I wanted to grab some copies of the brochure I designed for the OCM Institute (coming up this summer).

I will have to post pictures of the brochure later. In the meantime, you can see the uploaded files on the OCM website. Also, you can view last year's brochure in the album "Passion, Dedication, Excellence" on my LKP Design Facebook page.

I had a short little jaunt back to the car afterward, and it was a windy but nice day out. (Glad I had my "purse camera" with me!)