July 28, 2010

Another piece of the giant blog

The previous post's snippet was of a wedding program I just designed for some friends. I kept the program's design elements consistent with the original invitation: simple; same fonts; black text and lots of "white space."

This is a page out of the MLC Academic Catalog 2008-2009, the largest and most time-consuming layout project I did during my employment at the Design Studio.

July 26, 2010

A snippet

I've had a giant blog growing in my mind for awhile. Doesn't that sound lovely?

But, so far I have not had the time to gather everything I need for publication. Also, longer posts do not generate too many comments. I know, I know--I said I do not need comments. Most of the time that's true.

So here is an element from my giant blog, and hopefully over time all the pieces will come together.

July 19, 2010

Double whammy

A great thing about completing a piece: not only do I have a new piece of art, whether commissioned for just for my portfolio, I have another subject for greeting cards!

Greeting cards are great for keeping on hand for gifts, last minute or otherwise. Plus, they have significantly more value than they actually cost to print, because they are art and can be utilized.

(Also, if the merchandise doesn't sell, the artist can use the stationery without losing too much money--what a great investment!)

I wish I had ordered more of these "Birdhouse" cards than I did.

I may have to raise prices on the next endeavor; my beloved Vistaprint.com that I have been satisfied for my printing needs (they always have some sort of "sale" to bring you in, even if you don't actually save any more than any other time) for now has a new cost. Now the company charges extra for a glossy finish.

Actually, I need to start trying out some new printers, most likely online.

Until that happens, I can just label this card "limited edition" and charge more, right?

July 8, 2010

We eat dinner at a dining table, thank you very much

Okay folks, the last few weeks have been a whirlwind of moving, working, driving and job searching. I have to say the weeks have been busy and productive, but I have not been chronicling anything on this blog. I have been ruminating about what will make good posts in the future, and would like to echo Andrew's idea of "treats" for readers (you know, you 1.5 readers out there).

Please don't chastise me for not having a photo. I feel bad enough.

About a month ago I met a goal of mine: to finish a piece for an exhibition. Out of the 23 candidates, I was not chosen, but I plan on entering again next year. It was a good goal and very satisfying--and accomplishing it makes me more confident and even hungry for more projects. (Plus, I can use the image for greeting cards.)

New subject, relating to the post title:

Last Friday I came home late after a long/busy day at work, and then of course the drive home from Fremont. My in-laws had been in town and they and Ben moved in our new dining table and buffet. I was ecstatic. For the first two years of our marriage, we have eaten over our coffee table. We have a real table now!

Our first official meal I cooked in the house, and that we ate at the table, was on the Fourth of July. My grandma and aunt came over and I fixed homemade mashed potatoes, sauteed asparagus and onions, and coffee brownies. KFC supplied the fried chicken, as usual. It was magnificent to eat a real meal at a real table.

This subject matter may not be very exciting; but it does relate to the nature of my posts, in that I like to keep track of progress. Progress in the kitchen is included, and I really enjoyed spending time on the food. Especially after Ben starts school in August, I will need to learn how to balance my time in the kitchen, on the housework, and with my freelance and personal projects.

This evening we enjoyed supper with our neighbors; they hosted a fajita night and Ben took the homemade GUAC and I tried a new recipe for dessert, keeping in the theme. I was thrilled at how the dessert turned out, as quick and simple as it was. It's a keeper!