February 28, 2011

When you can't get something out of your head, that means you should just buy it

I fell in love with the spoons when I saw them in a Martha Stewart magazine. I kept thinking about them and saved some of my Christmas/Birthday money to order them online. I haven't used them yet, but I get giddy just looking at them. I used to open the box to peek in at them, but now I just have them open and on display.

February 21, 2011

The best place ever

It's no secret that I can spend hours at Hobby Lobby. I can browse the same aisles over and over, whether for inspiration or just plain longing for a new project.

A couple of days ago I spent about two hours there, leaving with only two items: a shelf for the living room (a duplicate of the one I put up in the bedroom) as it was 50% off; and an finished shelf because I had a 40% off coupon. Next time I will purchase the paint to finish it. Steps!
I also was looking for items for Amanda's wedding and managed to find quite a few items we will have to check on when they go on sale again.

Much of my time that day was spent checking out the Home Accents items that were 80% off. Yes, that's right: 80% off. After multiple trips in and out of my cart, the items I was drawn to eventually stayed on the shelves.

Today I went back.

The candles, 50% off this week, and the holders (Home Accents 80% off) totaled $57.74 before the discounts.

I paid $17.21, saving a whopping $40.00!!

Rachel and I had fun mixing and matching bases/holders and candles. What I ended up with fits nicely with the rest of the bedroom, mixing the darks and metallics; and the mixing and matching complements the different lamp bases and shades.

Amazingly, I left the store only with items I went in to purchase.

February 17, 2011

Before and after

Before: 4.25x5.5 postcard for a specific event

After: this new 5.5x8.5 is for designed with room to print information for each individual party.

February 16, 2011

Why I will start wearing dresses more often

Ben planned our Valentine's evening. I came home to spinach and artichoke dip and chips and oh yes flowers. I sneaked upstairs and shimmied into a dress while he finished up cooking dinner: steak and homemade herb butter; sauteed asparagus and mushroom gnocchi. Delicious!!

I started clearing some dishes and was stopped by my Valentine. "Honey, don't worry about the dishes. You have a dress on!" Best. Valentine's. Ever.

Ben had a(nother) test coming up, so he studied and I kept him company while watching one of my favorite
movies. And then...we went to the gym. Am I bragging? Maybe. Only because 1) we enjoyed the time we spent together and 2) it is a goal of ours to start working out again, so here's hoping I can post again about working out!

February 15, 2011

Sweets and Treats

I should rename this blog and solely concentrate on desserts; I certainly have enough material to do so.

My Twin discovered The Joycup Co. through one of the many millions of blogs that she has in her RSS feed. Last spring, when I was trudging through my Lincoln job search and a certain design job fell through, she and R ordered these treats. We were in heaven! Their support and the unique treats lifted my spirits.
(The cups even came with a handmade tag purchased from a crafter on etsy.com.)

This time I unwrapped a few Joycups from my friend for a happier occasion- when she asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding! I was almost as excited for the present as I was for the question. And I must say, the lemon peanut butter cup was superb!

February 12, 2011

Exactly what I wanted

We have lived in our townhouse for less than eight months, and already it's been more "homey" than our first house in Fremont was. I am still working on sections a little at a time, and it's fun to see the progression. Today I found the final piece (#3) to create my leave-for-the-day and come-home-for-the-day nook in our bedroom. Thanks to Jan for helping me cart the desk home and hang everything up!

1. Shelf from Hobby Lobby; purchased 50% off a few weeks ago for our living room

2. Memo board purchased during a 50% off sale; has been used just for color in the bedroom thus far
3. Table/desk from Gordman's (20% off coupon, courtesy of Jan); matches our night stands

February 11, 2011

Back in the game...maybe

I don't really feel guilty for not posting lately, because I've been skipping out in order to be productive. Shocking, I know. I just finished up the OCM Institute 2011 brochure; and am currently working on two wedding designs. Also, I'm diving into Relay for Life again. I guess testing the waters is more like it, because I am volunteering in a completely different role than in years past; and it's a job I can do from home.

Yes, another "job" that keeps me at the computer.

I should really go to the library and check out the next book for Book Club (yes this is a hint the Book Club blog needs to be updated).

I am super excited for my biggest job this year so far: wedding plans! Singlepluscat will need to have a spin-off blog soon.

We were able to see her just after the proposal and celebrated by trying out Jones Bros. Cupcakes. What a treat! The atmosphere was fun too.

Mmm sweet and salty cupcakes...