August 21, 2011


Finally, a little update! I know it's not much of an improvement, but I like to see the differences in the front porch area. At the beginning of June, I posted some photos after a few chores outside. Later, we did get to see the flowers in the very front bloom. I'm ashamed that my poor plants have not received a lot of attention (ie regular watering), so they're a little burnt out.

I waited too long to purchase a decent shepherd's hook at Hobby Lobby, but I did find one later at Ace Hardware by our house.

The flowers were another little challenge. According to somebody helping us at Earl May's, most places are in limbo and are starting to order plants for the fall, so hanging baskets with colorful flowers are hard to find.

We ended up going to Wal-Mart and buying a basket, as well as a few extra mini-fences that matched what came with the house...oh a lots of red mulch. Those pictures are a complete post in themselves.

In other plant news: I'm taking good care of my peace lilies! The house plant was a gift from my co-workers from Fremont as a memorial for my Grandma Skelton, who passed away in May.

Now Grandma had the green thumb and loved spending hours outside on her vegetable and flower gardens. Me? Not so much...but I am learning, and have been working hard at taking care of the lilies. I gathered some simple information online, and so far this fairly heavy-duty plant has been doing well.

August 19, 2011

Looking the part

Well I have used my golf clubs a couple times this summer, and have still failed to get a picture as proof. So instead, I can at least show you my appropriately-picked wardrobe for these outings.

Plaid Bermuda shorts- Aeropostale
White V-Neck Slubbed Tee- Kohl's

And although you should keep accessories minimal (simple jewelry, bobby pins), of course you can't forget a few items:

Ladie's Golf Glove- Target
Flashy Fuschia Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nailcolor- Target
Pink golf clubs- wherever my husband found them online

August 17, 2011

Inside and Out

Rachel and I had a few vacation days overlapping, so yesterday we visited the Joslyn Museum in Omaha. Our friend Kyle, also a Midland alum, works at the Museum and was able to give us a behind-the-scenes tour. We had a lovely morning and afternoon walking around--plus we were able to hold one of the Chihuly glass sculptures.

If you're not familiar with Dale Chihuly's "Inside and Out," check out this link. I really don't think photos do the sculpture as a whole justice, because it is comprised of so many pieces. About a year ago I did some research on the artist, who is based in Seattle, and it was amazing to read about and view his work. (The Big Gig invitations I designed were inspired by "Inside and Out.")

So Kyle allowed us to hold this piece- with both hands!- and it was just so cool! I know how juvenile it sounds, and I wish I could be more eloquent, but it's true--it was just plain cool to be able to see it and hold it in my own hands.

August 15, 2011

Moo-ve over, teacups!

So my salt and pepper shaker collection is rapidly growing.

My mother-in-law, cousin and Grandma Irma stopped by Aunt Judy's place before coming to the jewelry party yesterday.

(Judy owns storage units and has given us many items since we've moved to Lincoln- I've showcased some items here before.)

This time, Jan brought me three sets of salt and pepper shakers. Here is the first set.

August 14, 2011

Signs, signs, everywhere signs

Growing up, I was always good about hand-drawn signs, posters etc. Think: Garage Sale signs for Grandma; "Happy Birthday" cards and decorations for high school lockers; Volleyball spirit cards; Father's day and other holiday cards.

As much as I still enjoy breaking out the Crayola markers and colored pencils now and then, I love the looks I can achieve using the computer. Whether it is simply printing and framing a menu to add to the mood...

I've quickly printed and framed a menu many times before.

or spending more time developing a design theme...

This framed sign design corresponded with the advertising posters/invitations and other signs for the event.

I think little touches likes these can make a difference. That's why today I spent an extra minute to label my treats at a party I hosted:

Please note the Trajan Pro font I've featured before- it was a Premier Designs Jewelry party

August 3, 2011


Today I painted. And I played with my new toy.