April 27, 2010

April showers bring May flowers...

Wait, it's almost May? This will be a short post, as I do not have pictures to post and I don't have an update on projects. My last few days have been rearranged a little bit, running errands and just getting stuff done and crossed off my ever-growing, never-ever-ceasing list. We all have those, right?

I received my book in the mail today, which I am very excited about. I have been reading my (my Twin's) Ann Patchett book, Bel Canto, with more fervor, so maybe I will be ready to dive into Push, by Sapphire, fairly soon for the book club.

I have more of a timeline right now for our life in Lincoln. I had a phone interview this morning and we have an appointment to put money down for where we would like to live. The housing decisions, for example, are being made with more certainty. The job search continues, as does the waiting, but at least things are progressing a little more and there will be more certainty (either way, yes or no) soon. There is comfort in that.

April 24, 2010

Making progress

As messes go, this is fairly organized.

So I am staying busy with some personal projects. Pictured above is my workstation for assembling May Museum Photography stationery. I have been giving away sets on my Facebook page in hopes to generate some interest. The May Museum, unfortunately, already has quite a selection of stationery that it sells in its store, as does the Sheldon's Museum store. This endeavor is relaxing and productive, though. Please note that necessary items include 25-cent Blizzards from Dairy Queen and the DVD remote. Watching Arrested Development reminds me I am in the right business...although "Dip-a-Pet" and "Mommy What Will I Look Like?" would be great investments as well...

I also have continued work on a watercolor painting. I have not put as much effort into watercolor as I have oil in the past, so the time spent on this project has been as enjoyable in a relaxing sense as it has been challenging. The great advantage of watercolor over oil right now is that I don't have to worry about inhaling fumes, trapped in my tiny house.

Of course I manage to still spend quite a bit of time at the computer. Listening to the right music is important, and for now I am stuck on just a few songs. I created my "Weezer faves" playlist that contains just 7 songs; although I usually skip the last three songs, since they are my favorite Weezer songs from the last few years. It's Ben's own fault for providing me the music. It makes me happy, though, and that in turn makes me productive.

See? Productivity!!

April 21, 2010

Progress Report

It's been two months since my first post, and it's time to take a look at what I have/have not accomplished. Am I fulfilling my goals, or is this blog just a time-waster on the internet?

I have no idea how many people actually view this site. I have a sneaking suspicion I have about an average of 1.5 readers. Regardless, this is supposed to be a blog for my own benefit, so I shouldn't be worried about followers.

In that case, this blog has been rewarding. I am creating archives of my own personal projects and am having fun documenting...just as I am sure Crazy Cat Lady enjoys essentially scrapbooking her baby's day-to-day life. (It's all there: pictures and journaling.)

Since the inception of this site, I have been cooking more. I have to say, I also have been getting inspiration from R, as I realize that when August comes, I will be spending more time in the kitchen. I will miss having a cook. I have a feeling I will be tired and cranky at having to spend more time and energy (and probably money) on food, when I would rather be working on other projects. But I have been enjoying my time lately in the kitchen. Maybe I will even find the joy in it :)

I have been finding encouragement from "fans" and friends on Facebook through my LKP Design page (see side for badge/link). Subsequent to setting up the page and personal website, and posting recent work, I have received quite a few price AND job requests. I am grateful that I can still turn to my MLC advisor for encouragement, as well. This support is comforting as I continue in my job search. Currently, I have three positions I am waiting to hear back about, and they are all different: photography, graphic design and tellering. I have another banking job I am in the midst of applying for. Knowing I have internship and volunteer opportunities available if I need to take a banking position for awhile is exciting, and I am looking forward to the next month as we make more concrete decisions/actions.

What would a self-evaluation be without a self-portait?

Thanks, Andrew, for the inspiration. ;)
I have yet to purchase a diffuser as well, among other desirable camera accessories/necessities!

April 19, 2010

Spring is here to stay

Did you see how dooce.com copied me?
Haha right. But I wish we had patches of tulips that were that big. Love them!

April 18, 2010

Sara & Brock

This is an amazing couple that was incredibly easy to photograph, because they were willing to do anything, they were very natural, and basically I just had to take pictures while they interacted. Brock was very cooperative, even though he did finally ask, after all of the locations and wardrobe changes, "And what do you DO with engagement pictures??"

These were a few of my favorites that didn't make it to my LKP Design Facebook Page. What do you think--did I weed out the right ones?

April 17, 2010

See what I'm talking about?

copyright Laura K. Peters

I love the bright colors, the delicacy of the petals, the texture so smooth they look surreal

copyright Laura K. Peters

copyright Laura K. Peters

The whimsical stems have such strength and direct the flowers exactly where they need/want to go

copyright Laura K. Peters

Even the leaves grow with tenacity and grace

April 16, 2010

Grow, my little pretties, grow!

Love love love Spring! To avoid copying Ilovescrubs, I should give some more specific examples of what Spring means to me this year.

The main source of my enjoyment has been the lovely tulips that are springing up all around our house. I've read many times that tulips continue to stretch, even when they are in vases, and not growing in the ground. How cool is that? Maybe just a bit creepy, if you are not expecting it, but definitely very cool too. Anyways, these babies have been been popping up everyday, and the colors and shapes are inspiring. I should really have actual pictures as example, to visually accompany this freeflow of springspeak, but that will have to wait til tomorrow.

Going on walks with the hubby has given this girl much more energy too. Hearing the wind in the trees, families chattering with open windows, and seeing my painted toes as we walk around the neighborhood brings such satisfaction.

Spring this year also means, obviously a new season. This is equivalent to new energy and hope, as we make our plans for moving. Transitions in jobs, homes, and other environments seem more real as the weather changes are evident.

I painted tonight. It is a little challenging to get back into the groove, but it was worth the awkwardness of facing the watercolor board, brushes and pencils in hand, and just taking it on. It will still be difficult tomorrow, to dive back into it, but that is how I do it. I just do it...eventually.

April 12, 2010

I'll be expecting my check in the mail

This was not meant to be a blog based on Martha Stewart projects, but I have to say that I have to mention the domestic role model once more. I opened my mailbox this afternoon to find the Martha Stewart Living magazine--titled "Color for Everyone." I can't explain how excited I was to A) get mail and B) have it be something that is useful and entertaining, unlike credit card bills and other junk mail.

I'm still not completely clear why I received it, but I do know it was actually addressed to me and not just "resident." That was thrilling. I'm thinking maybe it was Martha's way of saying "thank you" for utilizing her website.

Regardless, I plan to post more projects or inspiration that are not just "good things" but that stem from other creative centers. I figured out how to "subscribe" to other blogs via RSS, and so my blog list starts to grow from MLC friends' pets/marriage/recipes/daily observations/humorous essays and dooce to include some other blogs for daily inspiration and color.

This means, first of all, that I will spend less time bringing up each blog in separate tabs; secondly, it means that the saved time will instead be spent compulsively clicking "Check Feeds" between Facebook and projects and e-mail.

Getting it right

So I found a recipe on-guess, where, else?- Martha's site for Wasabi Deviled Eggs. And I really, really wanted to try it out. It didn't matter that I had never made deviled eggs. What fun this would be! Turns out it's pretty simple, but you have to get everything just right. I should know, considering I have made the eggs three times in the last week.

Here is what I have learned each time:

Easter Sunday
is an ideal time to make the deviled eggs; goes with the theme; but when traveling in the car, make sure you position the dish (especially if it doesn't have the friendly egg-shaped indentations) so the egg whites do not get squished and deformed.
I thought they turned out great the first time, but I decided they were a little too salty, and my husband thought there was too much wasabi. What? No such thing.

I prepared the eggs again for a picnic; once again, though, we had to travel. The eggs did not get squished, though. I learned from mistake the first time and placed the eggs in the car myself, instead of letting my husband take care of them. However, letting someone else put them in the fridge, and then that person also placing the bagged filling on top of the eggs--all this resulted in squished eggs again. I omitted the coarse salt. When I tasted the filling, I thought it was great, but later decided it needed the salt. Also, the eggs were considerably harder to peel, and there was a bit of grittiness from a leftover

Finally, two days after the picnic, I provided the eggs at a family potluck. I heard people in line show interest in trying them out, but I didn't actually hear any compliments later.

However, this time I added some coarse salt. And, in attempt to get rid of the grittiness, I allowed the eggs to boil longer than the previous time. This was the first time I shelled the eggs right after they cooled, instead of letting them sit in the fridge for hours, so I don't know if that made a difference or not, but they were very easy to peel.

From hot to cold

April 11, 2010

Don't judge a gift by its giftwrap

I love wrapping gifts; unfortunately, time and budget constraints can often limit how extravagant the final job turns out. Many times, a Dollar Tree bag and tissue paper must suffice. BUT creativity can never be hindered...even checking out what the internet has to offer can add some fun to the gift-wrapping process.

I opted out of the glue, though, and created an extra layer/pocket for the ribbon to slide through by sewing the corners of cardstock together. Love the textures of the two papers and the ribbon, all over the flat patterned giftwrap.

I love the texture!

April 10, 2010

Pearls. She wore pearls in the kitchen.

"You have a full-time job and you have a husband, and NOW you are going to get sick from blogging."
--Julie & Julia

I finally got to see this movie, and I really enjoyed it! It was inspirational as the movie showed the parallels of the two women's lives. Working toward goals, documenting the progression--whether in letters to a pen pal or typing up a blog. And who doesn't dream of becoming famous from writing a blog and having tons of followers? ;)

April 8, 2010

More of Holly

Big dreams

So this week has been a very productive "vacation" time, as far as planning for our future in Lincoln (housing, jobs, etc.) Today I photographed Holly, who graduated early from high school. So, her "senior portraits" were taken for invitations for her graduation party. Very cool, that she is now ready to take on the world and see what her future has in store.

Holly was a gorgeous subject and she was very eager to model.

April 1, 2010

What is the point?

I created this blog for various reasons, mainly that I want to create a reference for myself for past and future project progression. One of the few blogs I actually do follow is dooce.com by Heather Armstrong. While our political views are not the same, I do appreciate her humor; and I love catching up on her "Daily Style" section and photography of her family and home.

My own journal, then, likens a "Daily Style," as dooce.com's Daily Style is not updated daily either. :) It is a place for me to type bits and pieces and throw out my own projects and others' for display for easy inspiration.

p.s. I love the lantern salt and pepper shakers. Just saying, if anyone needs inspiration for my next birthday gift.