September 28, 2011

Invitation- turning point

What I love about my freelance work is that I am always, always challenged.

I found it to be so ironic how long the process for developing Amanda's invitations took. Because I knew my "client" so well personally and we chatted so much about ideas and inspiration, I figured the process, while overwhelming, would move at a much faster pace. How could I be stumped?

We went back and forth with sketches, themes, descriptive words. Finally an e-mail with some visuals from the bride added new energy:

We discussed her favorite images, found at, via e-mail and on the phone. While I was excited at the inspiration, the images conflicted. We figured out what she liked about each invitation, including colors, fonts, layout.

We both shared the most love for this invitation:

That's when the brainstorming began again.

September 27, 2011

Invitation- initial inspiration

Even before the engagement, the bride had talked about a fall wedding, and possibly incorporating a leaf theme.

The engagement ring itself had a bit of a leaf motif in the band, and I wanted to replicate the simplistic shape to bring extra meaning to the invitations.

The idea of Fall, leaves, nature--I planned on earthen tones and creating texture in Photoshop. The Bride was not as enamored as I hoped when I showed her the first back to the Drawing Board.

I drew ink leaves and later added some watercolor for dimension and played with a different layout.

September 26, 2011


I am so excited that I can finally post some photos that have been restless just sitting on my computer. Now that the wedding is over, I can show some behind-the-scenes pictures of preparation.

After much searching online and in stores for bridesmaid dresses, the Bride was inspired by multiple etsy sites--and suggested we all have our dresses made to fit us. She found a print she loved, and we were allowed to pick out our own patterns.

Irma made my dress pretty much in one day. She and I met up and cut out the pieces. My MIL came over after work and the two of them sewed and sewed! I helped by ironing and cutting out the fabric for the pockets- yes, I had pockets!

I know my own grandma would have loved to be here to help. She was ecstatic to hear Amanda and Chris were engaged, and each time we visited she wanted to know more details about the dresses, decor, everything. While I am sad she couldn't be here, I can also be grateful and thankful for the family that did help so much! I would have had to find a seamstress to make my dress, and would have missed out on the fun and learning experience with family.

September 25, 2011

Just the start

What a weekend! My dear friend got married yesterday, and the event was was quite the production- I am grateful and proud to say that I did the design work for the printed items, as well as other display items for the ceremony and reception site. I was a bridesmaid and my husband was the best man. Having the honor to play an integral role also means I have a lot to share here on this blog about the event, some regarding the design work and much of it personal.