February 2, 2013

El Zorro

It really caught me by surprise.  I was catching up on reading some favorite blogs, and found this Animal Love: Fox post on Design Sponge.   The next thing I knew, I was entranced.  The first item that did it for me was the scarf.  Never mind that it was $85 (yes, was!  I just saw it finally went on sale- but is not available anymore.  Boo!).  Never mind that some of the other items were less than appealing.  My obsession with foxes began.

This is definitely something I wanted to keep quiet at first, for fear I might start receiving any and all fox items.  I honestly don't know how long this little obsession will last, but for now I am content with the two items I do have:

I absolutely could not resist buying this calendar set as a present to myself (Christmas money!).  I love the appropriate monthly illustrations and text.  The 4x6 card is on a magnet board right above the right compy so I can see it anytime from my seat.

 I found this little treat at Gingiber's Shop on Etsy.

Amanda gave me this towel for Christmas - and I literally shrieked when I opened it.  The copper color, the simple yet whimsical shape, the fact that I can hang it in my kitchen and see it all the time; I appreciate everything about it!  

Amanda purchased it at faces are funny on etsy.com.

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  1. That's why I can't buy coffee or owl themed items...ever. I will be getting them as gifts until I'm 100. That fox calendar is CUTE!